Membership Requirements

Membership into the Pensacola Women’s Alliance is by application only. Membership requires that the applicant be a woman who contributes to the community in a meaningful way. This may be through her profession, volunteer services, or public services (elected or appointed). Applicants must have an excellent reputation for integrity and leadership, and she must be willing to use her expertise to improve the status of all women.

PWA wants the membership to be a cross-section of the community.

A prospective member must attend one PWA meeting and then, if still interested in membership, the prospective member completes an application and is voted into membership by our nine member board of directors.

PWA has nine regular meetings annually and these meetings alternate between lunch and dinner. There are no meetings held in July or August. During the month of December, the Alliance hosts a holiday party, and spouses may attend.

Annual dues are $180 per year.

Goals and Purposes

  1. Encourage the advancement of women through mentoring, networking, and education – including scholarship funding and advocacy.
  2. Promote the acceptance of women in positions of responsibility.
  3. Encourage the expansion of opportunities for women.
  4. Improve the status of women.
  5. Provide a network for women with representation from a broad range of professions and backgrounds.


For membership information or questions, please email us. The membership form is below for your convenience.

Our by-laws are provided here for potential members to review prior to application.

Please be sure to submit your application before paying your dues online.

You can now renew your membership online.

*Please note: For online payment, a convenience fee of $6.50 will be applied.

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